The TimeMaster Chronicles

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Synopsis of The TimeMaster Chronicles

Category/AudiencePolitical thrillers for adults and young adults.

Time Period/SettingThis near future, end times series of political thrillers, chief set in the Washington, DC area, also has locations in Oconto, Wisconsin, Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Mt. Sinai, and Geneva, Switzerland.

ConceptThe highly successful Left Behind series of near future, end times political thrillers, was largely set in the intriguing time period of the Great Tribulation after the RaptureThe TimeMaster Chronicles is a series of novels set in the intriguing time period before the Rapture.

  1. Whither America, the Sole Superpower? America, today’s sole superpower, will not be a player on the world stage during the Great Tribulation, where all the action and power will be located in the Middle East, in Europe, and in Asia. The TimeMaster Chronicles will trace, in dramatic fashion, the political and religious decline of America in just a few years’ time.
  1. The Clash of Powerful Political and Religious Forces. Just as much of the drama of the Left Behind series was founded on the clash of powerful political and religious forces described in the book of Revelation, much of the drama in The TimeMaster Chronicles will be founded on the clash of powerful political and religious forces in America.
  • Politically, much of the action occurs in Washington, DC, as America faces increasing political destabilization in the tumultuous last days before the Rapture — brought on by international political forces, by internal economic forces, by ethnic and religious factions, and by major natural disasters in America.
  • Religiously, much of the action occurs in two places not commonly found in novels — the local church and in a great, world-wide revival known as the Last Great Awakening. Starting in a small local church in Oconto, WI, then spreading across America and around the world, the book series traces how the Last Great Awakening spreads in the tumultuous last days before the Rapture — with much opposition from the religious establishment and from principalities and powers in high places.
  1. The Mysterious Concept of Time. The TimeMaster Chronicles have the key word time in the title. The concept of time, mysterious in both Biblical and scientific terms, plays a suspenseful role in the personal lives of leading characters and events of this series.
  • None of us know the time that the Rapture will take place.
  • None of us know the time that we will die.
  • “Now is the accepted time” to trust in the Lord.
  • Each novel in the series will take place in a short period of time.
  • In homage to the theme of time, each novel will have a time reference in its title (e.g., 40 Days at Devil’s Tower).



The Oconto, Wisconsin characters

  1. Protagonist — Dr. Jonathan Banneker, a mathematical genius with an uncanny time-sensing ability wherein he always knows what time it is, is a star analyst at the CIA Counterterrorism Unit. With his ivory tower mentality, Johnny has neglected the social side of life.
  1. Bucky Banneker, Johnny’s slightly older twin brother, is a banged-up NFL tight end, former Super Bowl MVP, and the star of a forthcoming reality TV show about his attempt to climb the tallest mountain on each continent in a one-year period. A prototypical alpha male and womanizer, Bucky has neglected to establish close personal relationships.
  1. Jenny Linstrom is literally the tomgirl next door, an athletic and academic rival to the Banneker twins while growing up in small town Oconto, Wisconsin. Still single in her late 20s, a public school teacher and church bus worker, Jenny struggles with her twin attraction to the Banneker boys, wondering if she could ever tame Bucky’s wild side or if she could ever bring Johnny out of his ivory tower shell.
  1. Pastor Richard Banneker, with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, forsook a lucrative career to become pastor of a church in Oconto, Wisconsin. Now 63 years old, disappointed in how his twin boys strayed from God and worn out in body, soul, and spirit from taking care of his small church and sick wife, he questions the future of his family and church.
  1. Vivian Banneker, pastor’s wife and mother of the Banneker twins, is not only disappointed that her sons have strayed from God, but is also disappointed that they have not settled down and given her grandchildren. Fiercely protective of her husband’s limited time and energy to perform his pastoral duties, Vivian gamely soldiers on despite her body’s steadily weakening condition.
  1. Phyllis Lindstrom, Jenny’s widowed, alcoholic mother, shamelessly nags Jenny to throw herself at some man in order to get married.
  1. Lester Jones, elderly and widowed dairy farmer, is the deacon and church bus driver at Pastor Banneker’s church. As his knees and shoulders are becoming decrepit, he wonders how much longer he can drive the church bus and maintain his dairy farm.

The Sports Network characters

  1. Steven Grubbs, the geeky, goofy sports television producer who creates the idea of Bucky Banneker climbing the Seven Summits in a one-year time span, shamelessly promotes the tragedy atop Devil’s Tower as a gigantic ratings booster.
  1. Nick Lightfeather, a devoted American Indian mountaineer, is Bucky’s mountain climbing guide. A man who does not suffer fools gladly, nonetheless Nick shows an openmindedness to new ideas and concepts.
  1. Dianne Simmons, budding newscaster in the Green Bay market, faces a career-making or career-ending decision in her coverage of a revival at a local church.

The Washington, DC characters

  1. Walter Franklin, the Director of the CIA Counterterrorism Unit, one of Johnny Banneker’s role models, suffers high blood pressure and migraines as a result of years of stress at the agency.
  1. Kim Pak Se, one of Johnnie’s coworkers at the CIA Counterterrorism Unit, is a second generation Korean who rigidly follows a pragmatic, scientific, analytical mindset even in the face of apparently supernatural data.
  1. The President of the United States faces unprecedented scientific, military, and political challenges as he and the rest of the world grapple with the sudden appearance of mysterious beacons near the top of the Seven Summits, Devil’s Tower, and Mt. Sinai.
  1. Winston Clevenger, the President’s National Security Advisor, and General Antoine Broussard, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, resist Dr. Banneker’s scientific analyis and proposals to address the threat to national security posed by the mysterious beacons.
  1. Rick Miller, the FBI Director, directed by the President to head up the investigation of the beacons in the United States and the tragedy atop Devil’s Tower, becomes a target himself of America’s adversaries who quickly exploit the mysterious beacons in order to further destabilize the American government and union.

The Antagonists

  1. Dr. Antonio Chiavelli, a native of Italy and citizen of Switzerland, made his fortune as a leading software consultant in Europe. An ardent advocate of the European Union’s economic and political power, he is also an adjunct professor of Contemporary Religious Studies at the University of Lausanne and the founder of the Swiss Foundation for World Peace and Unity. He prefers to go by the name “The Professor.”
  1. Col. William Forsythe (Ret’d), Special Forces, US Army, never forgave his country for retiring him after 20 years just because of alleged torture events in the mountains of Afghanistan. As the head of a private security firm of former commandoes, he accepts occasional assignments from the Professor.