The Road to Noah Book

The Road to Noah


The Road to Noah begins with a murderous assault on Enoch’s homestead by the thug Og. Taking up his father’s mantle and the staff of God, Methuselah travels with his sister to the City of Cain for an explosive confrontation with Saaga, Cain’s successor. After a truce is declared, Methuselah and Crista develop a revival ministry which confronts the increasing ungodliness in the world before the Flood. But the forces of evil continue to plot to thwart God’s promises of the birth of Noah and the coming of the Redeemer. Crista’s long wait for the return of the love of her life is finally realized, just in time for her and Methuselah to race home to prevent the fiery destruction of the first family of faith. (300 pages)


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