The Methuselah Chronicles

Set in the time before the Flood, this series of Bible-based novels traces the lives of Enoch, Methuselah, and Noah as they overcome, through faith in God, the same problems facing families today. The Methuselah Chronicles, written by Christian attorney and author Terry Lee Hamilton, are aimed at teenagers and adults; in addition, as pointed out by Dr. John D. Morris, President, Institute of Creation Research, in his foreword to the first book, these novels are excellent reading material for family devotions.

1. Methuselah’s Father

Methuselah's Father

2. The First Prophet

The First Prophet

3. Bound for Glory

Bound for Glory

4. Crista’s Story

Crista's Story


5. The Road to Noah

The Road to Noah

6. Raising Noah

Raising Noah

7. Noah’s Folly

Noah's Folly

All Seven Books

All 7 Books of The Methuselah Chronicles